Power Tackle Rods is changing its name to Reneau Tackle!

Most people equate the name of Power Tackle to the Reneaus, Tim & Judy, so we’re rebranding to take advantage of this name recognition and bring Reneau Tackle products to a wider audience. Over time, the Power Tackle name will slowly be replaced with Reneau Tackle on decals, apparel, and boat wraps.

With the new name will come the introduction of Tim’s long-awaited fishing lures.

The name and logo may be changing, but nothing else will.  Our customers can expect the same out of this world service, attention to detail, and commitment to offering the highest quality products that every angler will want in their arsenal.

Be watching over the next few weeks for our very first innovative lure product offering.  And remember, we remain committed to producing the best fishing rods money can buy!

Tournament-Grade Bass Fishing Rods

Reneau Tackle designs and builds top-quality bass rods by hand from our workshop in Richland Springs, TX. We relentlessly source the best components and never compromise on quality—the Power Tackle name means craftsmanship, performance, and durability, and we stand behind our claims with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Reneau Tackle sells direct-to-consumer, meaning our rods have limited or no availability at retail.

We do this for several reasons:

  • In order to maintain direct communication with our customers—their feedback drives all of our research and development.
  • To avoid retail markup on our premium offerings
  • To avoid pressure to cut corners on components like blanks and guides

Reneau Tackle rods are among the finest bass fishing rods available, and we’ll deliver on that promise every day. Follow the link below for details on our money-back guarantee.



We have always offered free personalization in the form of adding names, logos, and special-colored wraps to the rods.  We will continue to offer simple name labels and colored wraps for no extra charge, but company logos and more complicated personalization will now carry a $10.00 mockup charge.

Time to Fulfillment

Because we are a custom rod company, we build each rod as it is ordered. Rarely do we have stock rods available.  During the months of July-September, we can usually turn out rods in less than 10 days. During our peak tournament season, it can take two weeks, maybe more.  Give us enough lead time to complete your order.


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Reneau Tackle Pro Ray Hanselman on Our Latest Offerings

Satisfied Customers
Zach Angel - "The One" 03MHM
Use this rod to flip jigs shallow on fluorocarbon and small hard body glide baits. Caught a 5-5, 5-15 and personal best 7-1 all in the same day with this rod at OH Ivie. Very versatile rod if you need to make bait changes on the fly.
Jeff Dawson - LPC970
I bought the 7’7” specifically for Crig. It’s a dream to fish with and is stout enough to handle big fish but has great sensitivity considering a XX Heavy rod. The mod fast tip allows you to cast 75-100 yards with ease. This is an awesome Carolina Rig rod.
Carson Maddux - PGC73CP
Such a slick rod. Best trap and chatter bait rod Ive ever used. S-Glass is the deal!
Ross Jewell - LPC970
I use this rod for anything with a big hook that I want to really get a solid hook set with a heavy wire hook. This is my go to swim-jig, hollow body swimbait and frog rod. It’s as good for me casting as flipping. I never have to worry where I cast either knowing I can pull big ones out of anything. Cant go wrong with this one.

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