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Line Thru Finesse


Line Thru Finesse
Following the same concept as our Line Thru Swimbait Heads, the Finesse version will have the same advantages and even more while using light line. You will know your knot is totally protected from abrasions such as teeth marks.
It is the only jig head you will ever need for “FFS/Scoping”, because of its customization options!
Rigging option ideas are as follows,
*Single bait fish or minnow, finesse Swimbait
*Adding a belly stinger treble to the bottom split ring
*Tying a small leader to the split ring and moving your stinger hook further back towards the tail for short striking
*Connecting a swivel or blade, or just clip on an Owner Flashy Swimmer…in 10 seconds you will turn your jig head into an underspin.
*With the included split rings and swivel, you can fish multiple swimbaits by simply.
*Adding a leader and tying together. For the best results, put your heavier jig head on the bottom.
*This also allows you to combine weights for your desired fall rate or reaching your desired depth.
*the jig heads have identifying weight stickers and XL realistic eyes
Possibilities are endless…
Use your favorite weight stops, (bobber stoppers), for Total line protection, we prefer the Mustad 4mm weight stop available here.

The Finesse heads come in a (2) pack of (3) different weight sizes of 3/16 oz., ¼ oz. and 5/16 oz.
And a special (3) pack of each size!
(2) packs include,
(2) Jig heads w/
Owner Black Chrome Finish, Super Needle Point #1 hook
(2) Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring size #2 37# test
(1) Owner Micro Hyper Swivel-Barrel Type #8, 80# Strong
(3) packs include,
(3) Jig heads w/
Owner Black Chrome Finish, Super Needle Point #1 Hook
(3) Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings #2, 37# strong
(2) Owner Micro Hyper Swivel-Barrel Type #8, 80 # strong

The sizes available will be,
(2) pk 3/16 oz
(2) pk ¼ oz.
(2) pk 5/16 oz.

Price is 12.99/2 PACK

(3) Pack will have all (3) weight jig heads.
Price (3) pack 15.99

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3/16 oz, 1/4 oz, 5/16 oz, 3 pack all

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