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Line-Thru Swimbait Heads


Advantages of the new Reneau Tackle Line-Thru Jig-head System vs. Traditional Line Tie Jig Heads

Traditional Line Tie Jig Heads

  • The knot is in front of the bait, totally exposed to abrasion from rocks, brush, fish teeth marks, etc.


  • Improper cleaning of the Paint and clear coating, prior to tying can damage your knot, without you being able to detect it.



  • Traditional line ties stick up and it can cause it to “catch” on lip of fish, possibly causing the jig to roll side to side and possibly compromising the hook up.


  • Movement to your knot, on the lie tie during normal fishing and catching situations, causes your knot to slide back and forth, causing friction, damaging your knot.


  • Perfectly designed line thru angle, which allows your swimbait to swim flat and horizontal, even with multiple baits


Pics will show heads in all 4 sizes and some suggested rigging ideas


Use your favorite weight stopper, we like and suggest the Mustad weight stops in 6mm. They will be available here for purchase in the near future.

When fishing a double or triple Swimbait head, we suggest you tie the lightest head in front and the heaviest behind.





JUNGLE 60-degree JIG HOOK-4X

IN 3/0 & 4/0

¼ oz., 3/8 oz. and ½ oz. has the 3/0 hook

¾ oz will have the 4/0 hook.

Each packet will contain (2) Line-Thru Swimbait Heads

Inside the package will be,

(2) OWNER Hyper Wire Split Rings size #4, #50lb strong recoil,

(1) OWNER Micro Hyper Swivel-Barrel Type #100 lb.

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¼ oz, 3/8 oz, ½ oz, ¾ oz